The Scottish Borders are not only stunning to look at, they also play host to many exciting outdoor sports and some more relaxing activities.

salmon fishingThere is fishing aplenty for anglers in the well-stocked rivers of the Borders. The famous trout and Salmon of the River Tweed are best caught from September onwards, though they can be caught with a permit from the end of February till the end of November.

For walkers there are a great many local paths of interest, including the famous St Cuthbert’s way, which stretches from Melrose Abbey to the holy island of Lindisfarne, over sixty miles away. This path in its entirety is for the more experienced walker and is quite demanding; however there are many local nature trails, hill, and forest walks for the novice.

Cyclists will enjoy the scenery, the hill climbs, and the descents that surround the cottages at Edenmouth. The routes can be challenging, and the weather unpredictable so be well equipped for all eventualities; but the view and exhilaration make it well worth the effort.

With pony trekking and horse riding featured all around the Borders region, you can be sure that the glorious panoramic views of the area will not be overlooked: Try a daylong trek, or sign up for a weeklong voyage on horseback.

IMG_5297-1Bird and wildlife watching is always a very popular pastime in the area, with many local species easily spotted by amateurs. Take time out to relax in the magnificent natural surroundings of forests and hills, and you will be rewarded with incredible panoramic views.

For children there are local sports and leisure centers including, Laidlaw Memorial Pool in Jedburgh, Teviotdale Leisure Centre in Hawick, Borders Sport and Leisure Trust in Selkirk, and The Swan Centre Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Northumberland National Park and Kielder Reservoir are ideal for walking, cycling, bird and wildlife watching. You can rent a bike when you get there and have a day of fun in the vast National Park. There is now a brand new observatory, which being far from light pollution, is well equipped to gaze at planets, stars and galaxies in our corner of the universe.

Gundog Training:

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Gundog Training Days for pointing breeds take place in February each year.  3 courses of 5 days duration provide an excellent

Sportsmen from around the world have enjoyed shooting over our FOWINGTON POINTERS.opportunity for dog and handler.  We can also organise walked up or driven days on Grouse, Partridge or Pheasant.


Golf courses:

For the Golf enthusiast the area has many delights: You can enjoy the discounted rates available on many of the great courses in the Borders through the ‘Freedom of the Fairways’ scheme.

Other activities:

  • Edenmouth Lodge

    Edenmouth Lodge

    Sleeps 6 + 2

  • Dovecote Cottage

    Dovecote Lodge Kitchen

    Sleeps 2

  • Courtyard Cottage

    Courtyard Cottage

    Sleeps 4